family purpose doctrine

doktrina obiteljske svrhe
Bilj.: Vlasnik motornoga vozila uvijek je odgovoran za љtetu koju uporabom toga vozila nanese član njegove obitelji.

Englesko-Hrvatski Glosar bankarstva, osiguranja i ostalih financijskih usluga. 2013.

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  • family purpose doctrine — n: a doctrine in tort law: the owner of a car is vicariously liable for damages incurred by a family member while using the car with the owner s permission – called also family car doctrine; ◇ This doctrine is recognized only in some… …   Law dictionary

  • Family purpose doctrine — In law, the family purpose doctrine is a rule that states that the owner of an automobile is liable for damages to others incurred while members of his family are driving the vehicle, under the theory that the vehicle is owned for family purposes …   Wikipedia

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